About Perth Local

With around 300 local businesses, services, musicians, artists, bands, and so much more, Perth Local has very quickly become the go to guide for everything in Perthshire.

Firstly, we would like to thank all of you for recognising what we are doing and getting involved. There is a big sign on Perth High Street that claims there to be “over 100 Independent businesses in Perth”. Well it’s plain to see there are many more than that! Many more that until now, have not had any support vehicle to give them a voice. That is what we are all about, plain and simple.

Perth Local is an inclusive website, not an exclusive one, every one of us contributes to the local economy and community, and that is what shapes Perthshire.

Perth Local is not just a brochure site, we develop, host and manage everything from our social media and website, to our Takeaway, Vouchers, Shop, Deals, Salon Booking, Restaurant Booking and Live Events Calendar software. It is developed and hosted by us, and that means all the business done on Perth Local, and all the money spent on Perth Local, is staying in Perthshire.

What Perth Local Does

Our idea is simple, we have created an online marketplace where everything in Perthshire is available to the local community and for anyone visiting our region.

We have developed software to provide an alternative to, or to accompany, existing platforms provided by outside companies such as Deliveroo, Uber Eats, Just Eat, Yumbles, Etsy, Itison etc.

All of these companies charge extortionate commission, they charge the customers an additional fee for the luxury of buying your products, in some cases even keep your money for any of your vouchers that are not redeemed...
and then finally, they take your money out of Perthshire!

We charge 5% and that’s it! Yup, only £50 for every £1000 the business receives. A much more realistic commission, no penalty to the customer, and yes, it keeps all the money in Perthshire.

Perth Local Growth

The majority of our traffic is driven by social media. You can find us on Facebook, Instragram and Twitter all @PerthLocalHub

In less than 2 months

We welcomed our 10,000th Unique Visitor to the website

Have over 3,150 Facebook Page Followers

Have over 1,650 members on the Perth Local Group

Have over 550 Instagram Followers!

Congratulations to everyone for making it possible!

This is what you can do…

Takeaway Platform – 5% Commission, no minimum fee, capped at £200 per month. Manage your Takeaways through Perth Local

Shop – 5% Commission. Sell anything and everything on Perth Local!

Gifts & Offers – 5% Commission. For Bundles and Packages

Deals – Like any other deal site, but ONLY 5% commission and you get paid direct immediately, rather than us paying you later down the line.

Salon and Studio Booking System - £20pcm

Restaurant Booking System - £50pcm

Sell on Perth Local

If you wish to sell your product on Perth Local, login and click “Apply to Sell

From there just follow the onscreen instructions to create your Shop and upload your products.

You must have a Stripe account to sell. Stripe is a more efficient and cheaper payment gateway than PayPal for businesses, and most importantly, it secures the customer’s transaction and protects you.

Whilst we can help with all other aspects, we cannot set up your Stripe account as this obviously contains private information. We can of course offer guidance.

Once setup you will be able to manage your shop, orders and products, with an easy to use App.

Perth Local Groups

VERY IMPORTANT - All members can post direct on to the Perth Local Group as often as they wish Join Here

These are incredibly valuable tools for you to reach out directly to a new audience, one that is growing very fast. USE THEM! They are free, and have already seen results for those using them.Please do not let this pass you by, it is important that you use it.

To manage the growth, manage the risk of posting too much on one Group and maintain the right balance of content, it is now necessary to add 5 extra Facebook Groups. Please make sure you Join whichever Groups you wish to join, and get sharing!

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What’s To Come

The site will continue to evolve as we grow. The directory will continue to be a work in progress to make it as easy as possible to navigate, and we realise the site will no doubt encounter a few Gremlins along the way.

We will be creating a Members' Focus Group with some of you, spanning the range of industries listed, so we can develop how we promote the Perthshire business community as a whole.

We are a vehicle, nothing more, this is your website, and it has to work for you, so your feedback and input is not just welcomed, it is vital!

What Perth Local Members Have To Say

Perth Local is More Than Just a Directory