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Our espresso is a unique blend from three amazing coffee growing regions: Bolivian, Indonesia Sumatra and Ethiopian. Our coffee is bold and exciting for coffee lovers, but it also partners well with mocha and caramel in our specialty drinks (e.g. Toffee Nut Macchiato, Cinnamon Dolce Latte, Jaffa Mocha). We are proud to say that all of our coffee is roasted in Scotland – so you know it’s fresh! Our coffee is triple certified: fair trade foundation, rainforest alliance and organic food federation. We believe that this coffee with our service will make your day – that’s our goal!

“We are a diverse band of friends united in our passion for people to experience some of the best coffee and tea the world over. But we are about more than just coffee and tea or even pastries and panini’s – we are about people! It’s our goal to make your day! We want you to make memories and share in your joy as you gather around the campfire of coffee. We think Facebook is good but that face to face is even better – it’s better together! So share your stories. Look for the rewards of curiosity. Learn the unforced rhythms of grace.”


Whether it’s savoury or sweet, something hearty and satisfying or just a little indulgent treat, we’re sure we’ll have something to satisfy your hunger and compliment your coffee. Our paninis for instance are a real winner and we’re always working on fresh new combinations. Current favourites include the mouth-watering chorizo, bacon, & chilli chutney or if it’s early in the morning our bacon breakfast panini will set you up for the day. To satisfy that sweet craving you could be tempted by our chocolate indulgence cake or for something different why not try our peanut butter crunch balls! We could go on and on, but rather than read about it why not come in and try it?

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