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Founders Ron and Judith Gillies first met playing poker on a river boat in the steaming mosquito infested mangroves of the Panamanian jungle. Their eyes met and they knew then that they were going to end up making fruit wines somewhere in the middle of Scotland for a living. The rest is geography.

They started the winery with a bottle, a book and a stick in 1987. Then before they knew it they had a big winery and everything. By 2010 they had opened their first café and bought a new wheelbarrow.

Fruit Wines

Our fruit wines are all made in the traditional and proper way of fermentation followed by at least a year of maturation. This gives our wines real vinosity and smooth well developed flavours

We started with our core range of five types; Strawberry, Raspberry, Bramble, Elderberry and Oak Leaf, then added the Sparkling Oak & Elder for our own wedding followed by the Sparkling Strawberry for someone else’s wedding.

Various local farmers phoning us up to find a home for spare fruit prompted the introduction of limited editions blends such as; Clever Currant, Cheery Currant, and Shrubbery.

Seasonal urges drove us to produce a Raspberry/Strawberry blend, the Berry Up, for the Summer, and in the winter the Mulled Elderberry and Berry Christmas.

We also make the odd traditional wine such as Rhubarb and every now and again we’ll create an ‘Experimental’ just to keep things interesting at our end y’ken. We’re still home winemakers at heart.

Scottish Bottled Ciders

The Carse of Gowrie was famous for its apples, pears and plums in Victorian times; they used to be shipped down to London on boats out of Port Allen on the Tay. Like ancient monuments, scraps of the old orchards still exist, dotted around the Carse. The heritage orchard forum meets regularly at the Cairn o Mohr winery where matters relating to restoration of these orchards and the planting of new ones are discussed. Try our lovely cider made with some of the old varieties and a mixture of modern ones from round about.

We also make a fruity punch cider, with secret ingredients, (they’re written on the back) hurrah!

If you have apples of your own in the area and want to sell them please give us a ring (01821642781)

Pictish Draft Cider

Our 100% Scottish apple cider on draft. It’s apple juicy sweet, with a comfortably dry finish. We named it Pictish. In an unexpected turn of events, days after naming it, when exploring winery expansion plans, it was uncovered that the protected monument rumoured to sit underneath Cairn o’ Mohr was in fact an ancient Pictish settlement. So there you have it.

If you have a bar, or have a bar you frequent, and would like to see our delicious Pictish on tap give us a call on 01821 642781 for more details.

Non-Alcoholic Drinks

Multi award winning Sparkling Elderflower and Elderberry drinks from wild flowers and our own Bourtree orchards (Bourtree is the Scottish name for the Elder bush).

Also Carse of Gowrie apple juice, very popular at the world famous Gleneagles hotel, where world leaders sip it whilst making earth-moving decisions. Possibly in the morning.


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