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Our Deep Cleaning Program; Kills up to 99.999% of all Viruses, Bacteria, Fungi, and Moulds, Cleans and Rejuvenates, and Revives Colour

Our Products
  • Eco Friendly
  • Woolsafe
  • Natural Fragrances

Do your carpets need a deep-down steam clean, or have you got stains you just can’t remove? Sticky marks on carpets or upholstery can attract further soiling creating an unsightly stain that looks even more prominent.

Ground in dirt from heavy footfall or pets can damage carpet fibres, attract germs and eventually give your home an unsightly, depressing “lived in” mustiness.

All or our products are phosphate free and bio-degradable. For wool carpets, we use “Woolsafe” approved products, which feature natural fragrances. We will pre-treat heavily soiled areas to help prevent any sticky residues that may attract soil after cleaning is complete and use natural pH spot cleaners for removing the toughest stains.

We know that maintaining a healthy living environment is important to customers and our fully trained technicians will ensure that stains and odours are removed efficiently using the latest natural fragrance, eco-friendly, high performance cleaning products.

Our Deep Cleaning Program

STEP 1. Commercial Grade vacuum & Spot Clean – We vacuum your carpet and spot clean any areas that need special attention with highly concentrated Alkaline chemicals. (NEW) Virus and Bacteria Eliminator – This is an additional treatment that can be included in our Deep Cleaning Program. Kills Viruses, Bacteria, Moulds and Fungi. More information available on request.

STEP 2. Pre-Spray & Pile Agitation – The carpet will be given a pre-treatment spray of Alkaline chemicals to help the cleaning process, and a roller brush machine provides mechanical agitation to help work detergent free, natural bio-degradable chemicals into the carpet pile.

STEP 3. (Option 1) Deep Clean Hot Water Extraction (HWE requires 2-4 hr drying time) The carpets will be cleaned using a hot (or warm) water extraction method, which is generally accepted as the best method of deep cleaning in the industry. The carpet is rinsed clean using a unique blend of strong colour fastening and alkali neutralising salts with bactericidal and fungicidal additives. The rinse contains a natural fragrance deodoriser which will also help restore the natural pH balance within the carpet fibres. A thorough rinse and extraction helps to neutralise any remaining bacteria and odours caused by day to day spillages and food spoilage.

Our Equipment
Ashbeys Enforcer and Sensei machines; arguably the best Hot Water Rinse and Extraction machines available in the UK. Suitable for Commercial and Domestic.

Sebo Duo – Mechanical Agitation Roller Brush machine – Excellent for rejuvenating flattened carpet pile. Dual contra-rotating cylindrical brushes provide effective, thorough and effortless agitation of pre-spray. Ideal for working chemicals into heavily soiled areas.

Our Service

We can schedule your cleaning at a time that suits you. An early start before you leave for work or an evening start on your return. Alternatively, we can collect the keys from you whilst you are at work, or even from your state agents or neighbours. We are fully “Keyholder” and “Treatment Risk” insured via AXA Insurance and cover all regions of Scotland.

Our Technicians

All our Technicians are fully trained to “NCCA” standard. Where possible, they will move light furniture to one side of the room while they clean the other, and vice versa. All Technicians are covered by “Keyholder” Insurance, have DBS clearance and can work unsupervised.

Professional Results
The world’s largest carpet manufacturer, Shaw Industries, recommends Professional Carpet Cleaning over “Do it Yourself” methods due to the potential problems that can occur from using rental equipment i.e, yellowing, over-wetting, fibre damage, severe re-soiling, over-use of detergents etc. So why not show off your home to its best advantage with Professionally Cleaned, hygienic carpets, that smell fresh and have their vibrant colours restored.

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Carpet Care Technician
Carpet Care UK (Scotland)
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  • Martyn Herbert


    The boys arrived on time and did an excellent job. They took great care with our furniture but most of all they cleaned our carpets brilliantly. We were thinking of renewing our carpet but not now, they are so much better and feel softer underfoot. Also it was a lot cheaper than I thought it would be. Well recommended from us. Keep up the work.

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