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I believe that dog training is a vital part of caring for your dog, and something which is often overlooked. It is our way of communicating with our dog – imagine starting a new job, and your boss or colleagues didn’t tell you what was expected of you but got frustrated when you got something wrong? Now imagine, this is where you lived and had no escape from these expectations. It is our responsibility as our dogs guardian to show them what we expect of them, and not set them up to fail.

Training is not just about getting your dog to carry out tricks or walk at a perfect heel. I believe we should be celebrating our dogs character and working with our dogs to ensure that we reach our goals together, You will be amazed how different your walks can be when your dog learns to walk on a loose lead – much more relaxing for you and your dog.

I am a proud member of the Pet Professional Guild which is a force free organisation.

Who am I?

I am Amy, and have been passionate about animals for as long as I can remember. Growing up, I had a wide variety of pets, from goldfish and hamsters, to dogs and cats, to snakes and bearded dragons. I have always been fascinated in animal behaviour and why animals act how they do. From a young age, I always felt a close connection with animals and was able to read their behaviour fairly early on.

I currently have a rottweiler called Coco who you will probably see make an appearance in many photos and videos, and a desert king snake called Shesha.

So… why choose me as your dog trainer? 

I have over 10 years of experience working with animals. I find many of the core principles in dog training can be applied with any animal. Whilst at university I learnt how to train various animals even including meercats and a serval! I spent 6 years working with and training birds of prey, and was lucky enough to be heavily involved with training our Raven, Millie.

I have lots of experience training dogs, and have learnt about them both practically, as well as learning the theory behind why they do what they do. To back up my experience, I have many qualifications listed to the left. I am regularly attending seminars and short courses to further my knowledge and ensure that I am following the most up to date best practices.

I will never suggest or use aversive methods – this is something which causes your dog pain or discomfort. There are many trainers who still use these outdated methods for easy and fast results. I do not believe in taking short cuts when it comes to the welfare of your dog. Choke chains, slip leads, prong collars and e-collars have no place in the world of modern dog training.

I will always be honest with you – if the behavioural problem your dog is presenting is something beyond my remit, I will let you know and be happy to advise you on where to look for further assistance.

I am fully insured meet all regulations, so feel free to get in touch to find out how I can improve the relationship between you and your dog today. ​

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