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We are proud to be ambassadors of Sicily’s most beautiful wines, importing our wines direct from the passionate owners of Sicily’s award winning wineries. Being an independent wine company means we are very selective about the wine we sell. In other words, if we sell it, it is a wine that we love. It is your guarantee of quality.

Each wine has its own distinctive flavour and its own story. It is those stories that we are so proud to share with you during our tasting experience. We will take you on a journey to the vineyards of rural Sicily where much of the wine is produced, sharing the story of the grapes, the winemakers and the island.


We want to you to experience something exclusive and unique, that is why our range is not available anywhere else in the UK. As independent wine suppliers, we carefully select and create for you an exclusive wine list which includes organic, vegan and several award-winners.

The star of any La Sicilyana wine tasting experience is our wine. Organic and from sustainable agriculture, our wines are also very low in sulphites, with the result that you will enjoy them with complete confidence. There are no nasty chemicals in the land or in the bottle, and, as a result, our customers experience no headaches.

The range of ancient and indigenous grapes lies at the heart of the success of our wine. Catarratto, Inzolia, Nerello Mascalese, Nerello Cappuccio, Grillo, Nero d’Avola – all produce a distinct and unforgettable flavour. And yes, the grapes from our handpicked wineries are still handpicked today.

From Sicily with love…

It is a privilege to know each of the winemakers personally and, on our frequent visits to Sicily, we always take the opportunity to visit the vineyards and learn about the latest developments and taste the latest wines. If we don’t like them, we don’t sell them. It really is that simple!

We do our best to balance the taste and quality of the wine with the price – we could stock more expensive wines but we want our wine lovers to try them and enjoy them first and foremost.

If you would like to put the theory to the test, and want to try our wine before you order, get in touch and arrange your own Tasting Experience with La Sicilyana.

The Sicily Difference

So what exactly makes Sicilian wine so special? The magic of the wine of Sicily comes from the combination of climate, the soil and the range of grapes. Sicilian wine producers are proud to be different and look beyond the International grape varieties.

In the last decades, the wine of Sicily has gained an enviable reputation across the World for its outstanding quality and unique taste. Critics, experts and wine enthusiasts from around the world have lauded Sicilian wine and, as a result, many illustrious global wine awards have come their way.

Wine has been part of Sicilian history for centuries. Nationally, Italy produces more wine than France and Sicily is now the fourth largest wine producing region in the country.

A Unique Tasting Experience… now via Zoom!

Due to the Coronavirus lockdown we are running a host of virtual tastings events. We are now delighted to be able to present our virtual and interactive live tastings to your private party from the comfort of your own home. We want you to fall in love with Sicily and its wine, that’s why our events are fun, educational and unpretentious.

Tasting Experiences are delivered by Laura Raimondi, with a passion for wine that she will be proud to share with you and your guests. The stories will transport you to the vineyards of Sicily and the wine will be exquisite. Taste, discover and enjoy some of the best wines that Sicily has to offer.

Having a great time with your friends is really important. The success of the experience starts with our initial conversation. We will talk about the wine you like, and based on that, we will recommend up to four wines for your event to be delivered before the Zoom session. You and your friends will be learning about what makes Sicilian wines so different and how to properly taste them, like in a face-to-face tasting.

La Sicilyana Wines creates a wine tasting event in your own home, whether you are in the Perth area, or further afield in Scotland, get in touch with Laura Raimondi to arrange a Sicilian Wine Tasting Experience.

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