How Paint Paws Began…

Hi, I’m Hannah, and I am a self-taught artist, specialising in unique pet portraits, based in Perth.

Although I have spent many years being guided by my love for art, drawing and painting through school and 3 years in total at college, I like to say “self-taught” as I have always created art for myself and always stick with my gut and my own style.

I studied Art and Design both at Leith School of Art and Duncan of Jordanstone in Dundee, however I fell out of love with making art for a long time, as the art school experience wasn’t very fulfilling for me. At college you are taught specific styles of creating art which I didn’t agree with as I felt I wasn’t staying true to myself.

I then became a mum and started studying beauty therapy at college, and always found myself drawn back into my creative ways at work such as photography and making videos and creating social media content.

It wasn’t until the pandemic and lockdown in 2020 that I found myself with more spare time than what I’m used, which is how I found my love for art and creating again. It has truly kept me sane and motivated during this time.

My first project consisted of a trio of paintings for my in laws, three German shepherds. Two of these German shepherds were previous pets now passed away and one is a current pet. This was when I discovered my love and passion for painting animals, specifically pets and it was an amazing feeling seeing my in laws reactions to seeing their beloved pets reimagined in paint form.

With much encouragement, I decided to set up an online Art Page through the social media platforms Instagram and Facebook. It was originally planned to be a place where I could share my own artwork, yet it turned into something much more exciting. So, I could say that this is where Paint Paws by Hannah was born.

I really absorb myself into each and every painting I do. My painting style is unique in that I don’t like to do a hyper realistic portrait. I like to paint in a more expressive way with vivid brushstrokes and vibrant colours. I love “rough around the edges” finishes and splatter details. I feel like this brings out the pet’s personality whilst putting my own stamp on it.

I always keep in mind my love for my own beautiful cat Ziggy and how much I would want his character and personality to come alive in a portrait. So, I try and capture your pets’ own personal features and personality in an expressive way while keeping a true likeness.

My painting process is really a special process where I let creativity take control and I am amazed at the results it comes up with.  No portrait is ever the same, it is completely unique to each pet. With each new painting I learn new skills, pick up on each pet’s uniqueness and I thrive on expressing each distinctive personality in every pet and that’s what makes them so special.

My main motivation is ensuring each portrait brings you happiness and love just as much as it brings to me working on it. Painting is really a labour of love for me and at the same time as taking it so seriously, I have so much fun at the same time and it brings me so much joy to be creating again.

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