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Well…. I am a 35 year old, single mum of 4 kids and 1 dog. For over 8 years a huge part of my career was photography.

I was a Treatment Coordinator in a high end Cosmetic Dental practise and my job was to capture the patients journey, from start to finish (and everything in-between).

I was fortunate enough to travel all over the world learning from others on how to not only capture these images but let the images tell a story.

Another part of my job was to make people feel comfortable in front of the camera, there are very few people that go to the dentist to change their smile who want to be photographed. I managed to achieve this very easily, which in turn produced great images that most patients were delighted with. 

I am also no stranger to being in front of the camera so I know all too well what works, how it feels, what you need to hear and what you want to see.

My Passion is capturing beauty in all shapes, sizes, colours and genders and showcasing that image in a way that leaves the viewers imagination to do the rest.

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