I’ve been in the hair industry for 16 years, mainly women’s hair before focusing more on the barber side about 5 years ago, and it quickly became a passion and my main focus and goal. It is a passion, it has always been my passion! I loved barbering and cutting hair, whilst venturing around the Isle of Mull on my motorbike, at different venues, doing colour work and hair for weddings etc. Even though hairdressing was where I learned my craft, barbering is where I feel at home.

This is where the ‘Wee Rebel’ image came from, inspired by my biker family and hanging out at the club house. I loved the idea of a biker club house look, mixed with my love for 70s 80s rock / metal music.

The ‘Wee Rebel’ name stems from my life long fight with illness, and overcoming anything thrown at me! No-one was ever going to tell me what I can and cannot achieve. When the whole world zigs, I zag. I am the Wee Rebel!

My vision when I began to imagine ‘Wee Rebel Barber’, was not just a barber. I want to bring the old traditions of the old barber shop but create it in an image that reflects me, and my values. It’s a safe environment, where people can come to socialise, listen to good music, relax, and enjoy some fun vibes.

Wee Rebel Barber welcomes all ages, genders, non-genders… we welcome all 😊

Be a Rebel, try something new!!
Uppercut Stockist
Looking forward to opening again soon!


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